Lilydale Medical Clinic

Primary Health Care Services

Trusted and experienced

Family Doctors

Our clinic aims to offer quality service to our patients. Our doctors are highly qualified and we aim to expand on this in the future by recruiting more suitably qualified doctors

Qualified and professional

Onsite Practice Nurse

Assist patients with immunisations, completing health assessments, care plans, related health management, and the general nursing needs of our community.

Well stocked and available


We would be delighted to assist you in all your immunisation needs including childhood immunisations, travel vaccinations and seasonal vaccinations including influenza as appropriate.

Trained and caring

Mental Health

We have the infrastructure needed to support patients through these issues, resources needed to complete mental health care plans and refer patients to appropriate services.

Open and understanding

Men's Health

Our professional doctors welcome all and we would be more than happy to talk to you regarding general health issues, sexual health including erectile dysfunction and urology issues.

Specialised and affordable

Skin Clinic

Regular check ups mean early detection, and early detection is the key to beating skin cancers. An out of pocket charge is applicable to all patients for a full skin check.

Be safe and prepared

Travel Advice

Please feel free to come in to get all related medical advice before travelling and ensure the right immunisations are taken depending on your travelling plans and beyond.

Respect and care

Antennatal and postnatal

We are able to assist in all women pregnancy planning, answer and address your medical needs during pregnancy and perform postnatal checks as appropriate.

Skip the Waiting Room. Make an appointment.

Easy to find your preferred doctor and a suitable time